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E1 Tuye speech
Tuye token description
Max Pot Tuye! (Yea, I know she’s a welfare unit)

 Tuye second skill is Cardiac Stimulant, which increases Tuye’s ATK but also prevents her from healing allies until they drop below half HP. This gives Tuye more time to charge up Water Storage and also means the extra healing is less likely to go to waste. Cardiac Stimulant also has another effect: if an ally within Tuye’s range drops below 20% HP, Tuye will immediately heal them for a massive amount of HP. This effect can be triggered up to three times, and as long as Tuye has charges of this emergency healing remaining, the “increased ATK and half-health limit” effects of Cardiac Stimulant will continue indefinitely.

Speaking of good operators, I’ve been using Tuye a lot lately since I raised her and she feels really, really good as a healer. Extremely reliable big heals when necessary thanks to her S2 and passive, and since she’s only healing when allies drop below a certain HP point (like Saria S1), heals don’t feel wasted on every instance of damage.

I was surprised at that too, I have seen way too many ops die because a medic healed someone at 99% and took to long to heal someone taking damage, it helps a lot.

Yeah, it can be really frustrating. It’s been less of a problem lately for me because I have Sussurro raised as well and her S2 healing interval is insanely low, but it’s great qol to have a healer that’s always reliable when it comes to healing operators that actually need it. Tuye feels very underrated.

 I’m convinced, so I’m going to raise her and see what she can bring to my team.

Tags Combination Check:

5★ guaranteed tags ~ Which combination should I choose?

Nuker = Firewatch

Specialist = Projekt Red

I want a new operator, so I try my luch with [Senior Operator + Guard + DPS] for 1/3 chance to get Swire.

crossed-out tag

However, Guard tag was crossed out. As a result, I now have  GreyThroat. Even though there was no Swire, it wasn’t a duplicate.


1 Pull!
Yay, 1 Pull!

 CC#6 Wild Scales Preparation Sheet

 [ R18W1 ] Low Rarity clear with Eyja:

 [ R18W1 ] E1 4 stars Only with Robots:

 [ R18W1 ] Low Rarity clear with Ange:

Happy Valentine’s Day, Doctors! 💖 💖 💗 💓

Eunectes simps for Lancet-2. Very cultured, indeed …

Vigilo event announcement