Blog 11-28-21

  I played the  prequel of  this game on PS3 platform, but haven’t completed it yet. I shouldn’t play the sequel before completing the first game, but the sale of 85% is too good to miss, so I buy it beforehand.


  This was on my wishlist for so long, so I decide to purchase it too.


  Let’s see how much EXP I will gain after buying those two.

  • Before:
  • After: (The gain was 10 EXP per game)

I think of getting Death Stranding And Megaman 11 too, but maybe they’re gonna sell off more in the winter sale, and I don’t have time to play them right now…

  •  Points get: (not much) 😀

A great addition by Marvin Kopp to the already fantastic Enderal OST. Most if not all tracks are quite somber and emotional, though there are a few more action-packed ones. It’s free and I thoroughly recommend you give it a listen.

This is a fantastic game with a rich story and an immersive world… Yes, there are a few rough edges in the mechanics and other elements, but for a free game, it’s fantastic!

From Tools showcase on Discord.


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