Girls' Frontline: Neural Cloud

Girls’ Frontline: Neural Cloud or Neural Cloud, known as 少女前线:云图计划 or 云图计划 in Simplified Chinese, 雲圖計劃 in Traditional Chinese, 뉴럴 클라우드 in Korean and ニューラルクラウド in Japanese, is a roguelike strategy game from Sunborn and a spin-off to Girls’ Frontline. The player, as the Professor, must lead a group of Dolls called the Exiled in a digital world called Magrasea and save them from deletion by the Sanctifiers. Each Doll has their own abilities, upgrade them and build their base. Certain Dolls in Neural Cloud share their identity with characters from Girls’ Frontline.

The game released in Mainland China on 23 September 2021, in Global English on 21 November 2022, in Taiwan and Korea on 23 November 2022 and in Japan on 24 November 2022.