Blog 02-02-22

Twikoo threw an error in my build today, and I’m at a loss as to how to fix it.

$ hugo
6:47:23 PM: Start building sites …
6:47:23 PM: hugo v0.92.1-85E2E862+extended linux/amd64 BuildDate=2022-01-27T11:44:41Z VendorInfo=gohugoio
6:47:24 PM: Error: Error building site: JSBUILD: failed to transform "js/lib/twikoo.js" (application/javascript): Could not resolve "twikoo"

Therefore, I decide to switch to Commento. I begin by editing config.toml

# Commento comment config
        enable = true

and then register an account with Commento to add my website domain to their service.


By the way, Commento isn’t free. As a result, after the trial period, I will need to switch to another comment system. I also don’t want to use Facebook’s or Disqus’ comment services.

Someone recommended this software to me because I need to do a quick backup (cloning) of my old SSD.

I just don’t like how they make it complicated to receive their free edition. I must first download a downloader in order to obtain the software, and then I must register a free license key for the free version. Whatever the circumstance may be, I believe it serves its purpose. 🔥

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✨ A litle late, but Happy Lunar New Year, Year of the Tiger! Wish you all of New Year dreams all become real! ✨


This video is my experience with [DH-MO-1], an event annihilation-type map. When reaching waves 383, it’s when things get tough and you have to pay attention, especially to Dockworker Leader Motorboat