Blog 12-11-21

◈ Event: PL-4 stage

◈ Event: PL-5 stage

 [PL-5] Stage

◈ Make sure to unlock all the side stories for a medal:


◈ The event’s banner, Revolutionary Symphony, may be unappealing to some, especially because the other rate-ups,  Kirara and  Indigo, are expected to be underwhelming, according to this source.


In my perspective, pursuing a 5 star in any banner is risky, as they tend to spook you the most in subsequent banners, even if the 5 star is quite valuable. Also, I appreciate that people are currently saving for a limited banner, as Arknights’ limited banners have become increasingly common (which I despise). As a result, regular banner is rarely preferred unless there is a particularly powerful operator, dubbed “meta” by players.

However, in this case, I’m simply interested in obtaining  Carnelian so that she can reunite with  Beeswax, and I’m uninterested about any character’s in-game min/max attributes; that’s for players looking for ’endgame’ content like the high-risk Contingency Contract (CC). I’m more of a casual player (Risk 18+ CC only) and character collector, so I’m not concerned with needing a must-have operator here and there to compete at a high level of difficulty.

Furthermore, I have been waiting for this banner for a long time, and there are no other characters that I enjoy till Kazimierz’s event. As a result, I should give it a shot…

After spending all of my HH Permits (about 20 of them), I got Beeswax’s older sister.

I also got a duplicated  Cliffheart. She’s now at Potential 3.

◈ Now I’ve got the sister duo!


◈ Daiichi Ramen


A Big Bowl of Iekei Ramen
Close-up view
Finished eating ~ ◇▩◇


Potato Salad ~ Simple but delicious dish

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