Instrumentals and Lo-fi Music for studying and relaxation ❤️

 Haircuts for Men - ダウンタンブルと死にます

 Sound of The Ancient Root 🍂 Autumn chill Lofi Hip Hop Beats

 Blue Turtle: Fantasy Music for Inspiration - Coastal Village

 Seasons of Sanctuary Jellyfish Cave OST (Guitar Tune) Soundtrack | Sky: Children of Light

 SizzleBird - Lands of Peace

 2-Hours Epic Music Mix | Most Beautiful & Powerful Music - Emotional Mix Vol. 1

Bitter Milk

Ibi is one of the few pianists I enjoy listening to. Sometimes high notes on pianos are sharp and wrong and really irritate me, but Ibi’s music is always soft, dark, and deep. ❤️

NUMA - Baptiste Sejourne & Kama Lila Sol - Kura Kura EP {Folktronica / Downtempo}

Rock, Cello Metal Genre 🔥

 Apocalyptica - ‘Romance’

 Apocalyptica feat. Brent Smith - Not Strong Enough (Official Video)

 Apocalyptica - ‘Hope Vol. II’ (Official Video)

 Starset - Monster (Official Music Video)

 Yenisei - Reflections

Unclassified (yet)

 Alan Walker - Faded

 Mechanicus Soundtrack - Children of the Omnissiah (Extended - Seamless loop)

Blue Foundation - Eyes On Fire (Skeler Remix)