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Arai-san mansion (アライさんマンション)

A series by Abubu [  Tweet link (maybe NSFW) ] featuring characters from Kemono Friends that takes place inside of an anomalous apartment complex. The story initially follows  Arai-san, who is trying to get back home, but also features the adventures of a team of Giant Otters as they explore the dangers and other oddities of the building as well as a number of original characters.

Note: Japanese word マンション (manshon), while it’s borrowed from English “mansion”, is rather used to mean “large apartment” in Japan.

Fan art of Raccoon-san Mansion by niy_(nenenoa)

text: Arai-san Mansion
text: Fennec, I’m home noda
text: When the numbers on these posts are prime, use the elevator on the right.
text: If the floor above is completely dark, don’t open the door!
/images/arai/arai_mansion_niy_nenenoa_2a.jpg /images/arai/arai_mansion_niy_nenenoa_2b.jpg /images/arai/arai_mansion_niy_nenenoa_2c.jpg /images/arai/arai_mansion_niy_nenenoa_2d.jpg /images/arai/arai_mansion_niy_nenenoa_3a.jpg
text: Hallway confirmed. Preparing plastic bottle
text: Open the door…
text: Also, the underground garage is no good. There is an increase in the concentration of the Hell zone
text: That’s dangerous noda
text: Retreat!! Retreat !!
text: Fennec, hear me out even if you won’t understand

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Raccoon-san Mansion

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 text in panel 1: I still don’t understand this aparment elevator noda; This is not made for someone who thinks like a friend noda.

 text in panel 2: The note that Fennec drew is handy noda.

 text in panel 3: On the other side, with the Fennec mark is how to get to the first floor noda.

 text in panel 4: There is a convenience store and a restaurant in this apartment building, but Raccoon-san can only go between the first floor and where Raccoon-san lives noda.

 (read from top to bottom)

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Raccoon-san Mansion - Floor Г-1-13-А

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 text in panel 1: Dark entity: Open! Open it! Mother! Mmothher! (ghostly voice) Yayayay! I I I’m home! Mother Whatwhat? Dinner? I’m home! What’s for dinner today, mother? ~Welcome home, today will be hamburgers ~ Yay! Raccoon-san: I made a mistake noda, this is the wrong floor noda

 text in panel 2: Father! fAtHerr! (ghostly eerie voice) WelWelCoome Hoommee FathherFathherR. Dark entity: Wait Wait Wait… I’m home~ Oh, that smells nice. Ah, father. Welcome home!. Welcome home, dear. Bath ready. Raccoon-san: Retry the button noda

 text in panel 3: I’m home! What’s for dinner today, mother? ~Welcome home, today will be hamburgers ~ Yay! GhaAHahahahah (laughing voice) Ahaha! haha.. hehe.. (laughing voice) Dark entity: Mother! Father! Open!

 textbox on bottom left corner: There was pleasant chatter and a delicious hamburger smell noda. Raccoon-san was also hungry noda.

  is used for separating the dialogues. The text is read from left to right in each panel

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Racoon-san Mansion ■ Staircase

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 text in floor 1: Raccoon-san: I’ll use the stair because I want to go down noda, but the stairs are dark and scary noda

 text in floor 2: Raccoon-san: Noda? Someone’s here noda

 text in floor 3: Raccoon-san(rightmost bubbles): Ah? He-Hello? You are a friend noda! Hello! What are you doing here noda? Serval(middle bubbles): I don’t know where my floor is anymore… I’ve been going down and down but now I’m taking a rest. Raccoon-san(right bubbles): That’s a big problem noda… Do you want Raccoon-san to help you? Serval(left bubbles): Ah, no, it’s fine. When I see my own floor I’ll know it right away. Raccoon-san(leftmost bubbles): Is that so noda

 text in floor 4: Raccoon-san(rightmost bubbles): Raccoon-san’s room is just a floor below so if you’re troubled you can come by nodaServal(left bubbles): Yes, thank you very much! Raccoon-san(middle bubbles): By the way, what’s kind of friend are you noda? Serval(right bubbles): I don’t know. Raccoon-san(leftmost bubbles): A friend who was just born noda? I’ll introduce you to professor next time noda!

 text in floor 5: Serval: I have to go home. Fast. Fast.

 text in floor 6: Raccoon-san: I have arrived.

 text in floor 7: Raccoon-san: I’m home noda!

 textbox on bottom left corner: I saw a friend I didn’t see before. She didn’t know what’s kind of friend she was so I’ll have her meet the professor next time noda.

  is used for separating the group of dialogues. The floor is numbered from top to bottom

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