Arai-san Mansion Collection (page 2)

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Dangerous small-clawed otter fella.

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 text in panel 1: Small-clawed Otter: Fuuuun!! ~clicking button sound~

(far fa-plus-square): text in elevator board: “small-clawed otter”

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Raccoon-san Mansion - Rock-Paper-Scissors

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 text in panel 1: Fennec: Yee~s? ~door bell sound~

 text in panel 2: Fennec: Who is it? Stranger: Fennec I lost the key noda. Can you open the door noda? Fennec: Haaa~ you did it again Raccoon-san, First, a question~ Stranger: Yes noda…

 text in panel 3: Fennec: Remember when we chased after the hat thier? Aah… Raccoon-san was really careless that time noda.

 text in panel 4: Fennec: And that’s time about the professor. It got real hairy with the professor, right? Stranger: That’s right noda. Raccoon-san remembers eating too much curry with the professor noda.

 text in panel 5: Fennec: Question time~ What is the ‘common raccoon’ in English? Stranger: Eh? English? Raccoon-san doesn’t know English noda… I like it to be a riddle noda.

 text in panel 6: Fennec: Raccoon-san, make a weird face. Stranger: Bhu. Fuhuhu. Fuhehe. Fennec~ Don’t play with Raccoon-san noda~

 text in panel 7: Fennec: Hmm, I only see the real Raccoon-san. Stranger: I wish you would open the door already noda. Fennec: Right after this this then. If you win rock-paper-scissors I will open the door. Stranger: I’m great at that noda! I won’t lose noda!

 text in panel 8: Fennec: Ready~ Rock~ Paper~ Scissors. Stranger: Yay! I won! Please open the door noda!

 text in panel 9: Fennec: hmmm~ Raccoon-san is really great at playing rock-paper-scissors through a door~ Stranger: …Open it. Fennec: Nope~ Stranger: Open it.

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What Fennec saw

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 text in panel: Raccoon-san?: I won, noda! Please open up, noda!

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loading="lazy" src="/images/arai/arai_mansion_ab_7.jpg" srcset="/images/arai/arai_mansion_ab_7.jpg, /images/arai/arai_mansion_ab_7.jpg 1.5x, /images/arai/arai_mansion_ab_7.jpg 2x" sizes="auto" alt="/images/arai/arai_mansion_ab_7.jpg" title="/images/arai/arai_mansion_ab_7.jpg" height="600" width="800" ><figcaption class="image-caption">What Fennec saw</figcaption> </figure>
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 text in panel: Raccoon-san??: Open it… Open it.

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Raccoon-san won't be tricked

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 text in panel: Stranger: Raccoon-san~, I lost my key so can you open the door?. Raccoon-san: Fennec wouldn’t lose her key noda. Stranger: Open it.

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Raccoon-san Mansion - A lonely cafeteria

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 text in panel 1: Raccoon-san: I got to the wrong floor again noda (text on cafe’s menu board): MENU (text on wall): Return

 text in panel 2: Raccoon-san: Amazing noda! It’s the restaurant noda!

 text in panel 3: Raccoon-san: There is even dessert noda!

 text in panel 4: Raccoon-san: But there is nobody here noda… Are they on break noda?

 text in panel 5: Raccoon-san: I’ll come here with Fennec next time noda!

 textbox on bottom left corner: Raccoon-san note: Dining room: There are lot of delicious dishes and dessert. I’ll go with Fennec next time.

 text in panel 6: Friend B (light-brown hair): I’m hungry. Friend A (dark-brown hair): Let’s eat something. Friend B (light-brown hair): Okay. Friend A (dark-brown hair): Anybody? Anybody?

 text in panel 7: Friend A (dark-brown hair): Eh.. Friend B (light-brown hair): What is the.. !?

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Don't step into blind spots

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 text in panel 1: Friend A (dark-brown hair): AAAHH! (text on cafe’s menu board): MENU

 text in panel 2: Friend A (dark-brown hair): Eh? What happened… Where are you… Hey..! (text on cafe’s menu board): MENU

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Some guy's deep into a strategy guide

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 text in panel: Raccoon-san: It’s that foreigner I see sometimes nanoda