Blog 02-10-22

My Pinterest account, which I use to pin Arknights art and drawings found on Reddit, Pixiv, and Twitter, was suspended a day ago. They claimed they spotted some activity that appears to violate their anti-spam policy, so I guess I’m pinning too much, but I can’t stop myself because AK has so much wonderful things (I think someone said you should pin only 20-30 times a day). Some pins may cause a spike in activity (my account is still new, created about a month ago).

We suspended your account because we noticed some activity that appears to violate our policies against spam. Please review the Community Guidelines for more detailed information on what Pinterest considers spam.

I submitted a help ticket to appeal my account suspension, but I’m not sure if I will be successful.

 And today, they lifted my suspension.

We considered your appeal and decided to reactivate your account. We’re sorry for the inconvenience and hope to see you back on Pinterest soon.

However, I’ve lost all my followers and followings ?? Not sure if it’s a temporary glitch, or permanent? That’s terrible.

Some helpful tips: If you have a new account, don’t follow more than 10 people per day so they don’t flag your account as spam due to spikes in activity (I know, this makes no sense because your account is new, but it’s how their spam filter is set up), and save a few pins every day - max 20-30 for a week or so until Pinterest thinks you’re a human and not a robot.

I’ve seen a lot of complaints regarding Pinterest policies on Reddit and other places concerning people’s accounts being deactivated without warning. Pinterest’s ban is sometimes lifted a day or two after an appeal, but it can take weeks and a lot of appeal letters back and forth. But that’s how they run their business. Either we follow their regulations or we move on to another provider.

Therefore, I’m still using this service because it’s easy to organize the arts into small categories and sections, but I should pin far less frequently than before and consider switching to another image board like Danbooru.

To summarize, if you use Pinterest, don’t pin too many times each day. If you use more than 10-20 pins per day, your account may be marked as spamming. Also, make sure you’re not breaking any of their Community Guidelines.


Thanks to  Suzuran’s assistance, [RI-EX-8] is much easier to clear than before. The High Priest is slowed to a crawl by her S3, and he is most likely to be defeated by himself.

[Arknights] [RI-8] (rerun of this map from last year, now with new units)

A short video about claiming all milestone rewards of this event 😘:

Lee is the first 6 Star of his Archetype, the other two being 4 Star Jaye and 5 Star Mr. Nothing. They have low DP costs and high stats at the cost of requiring steady DP payments to keep them deployed. He’ll make his first appearance in Invitation to Wine event.

Lee Skill 3 Showcase:

 Note: In this showcase video, his module reduces the amount of DP he consumes by 1 so now he doesn’t negate the natural DP generation.

I made the right decision by not purchasing Ceobe’s swimsuit skin and instead saving OP for her new skin. I’ve always thought she’d get better skin in the future, and it’s finally happened. Waai Fu and Jackie’s are also fantastic.

Ceobe Summer Skin is okay, but character’s art should be similar to the pin-up:

Ceobe Swimsuit Skin
Ceobe Swimsuit Skin

Dice / Whatever - Arknights Official Music Track for the Lunar New Year of Tiger (ENG CC)

I’ve just learned about CuriosityStream and Nebula.

Nebula is a streaming platform with a group of independent educational creators. The idea for Nebula was started and discussed as part of the Standard creator community discussions online and at VidCon, and Nebula launched on May 23, 2019, with about 75 creators.

The platform was originally meant to reduce the risk in deviating from the content that drew in the bulk of their subscribers for YouTube creators, because of  Youtube algorithm. It’s a place that you can watch videos completely ad-free, and also get access to exclusive originals and bonus content from creators.

CuriosityStream is a huge streaming service for documentaries that has thousands of titles, no matter what you’re interested in, you’ll find something special to watch on their channel.

If you sign up by using the link below, you can get access to a bundle deal that gives you a discount on CuriosityStream annual plan (about 15$/year) and full access to Nebula for free.

Personally, I think it’s a great deal to be able to watch high-quality content that isn’t available elsewhere. Moreover, this isn’t an advertisement, I intend to subscribe myself, when I’m sure that I have enough time to sit down and learn. I’m just writing this down as a reminder. 😄