Blog 11-17-21

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Since iframe from reddit doesn’t work directly in this theme, I created a custom shortcode in layouts\shortcodes\hp5.html
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Replace {{.Get 0}} with video source from Reddit  , in between src=" "

However, I still can’t figure out how to stop Autoplay. ❓

Furthermore, Reddit iframe breaks the responsive layout in mobile view. There is currently no solution. 😀

 Yonkoma manga (4コマ漫画, “four cell manga” or 4-koma for short), a comic strip format, generally consists of gag comic strips within four panels of equal size ordered from top to bottom. They also sometimes run right-to-left horizontally or use a hybrid 2×2 style, depending on the layout requirements of the publication in which they appear.

These comic strips appear in almost all types of publications in Japan, including manga magazines, graphic novels, the comics section of newspapers, game magazines, cooking magazines, and so forth. The plot often ends within the four panels; although some serial development may pass on to future installments, creating a more continuous story. Some yonkoma also tackle serious topics, though most do so with humor. Some manga occasionally use yonkoma, usually at the end of a chapter or bound volume, as a non-canon joke to complement the story.

The Walled Garden Problem

The problem with a closed platform like any of the above is that once you start using them, you sink cost into them the longer you do. Any content you enter becomes more and more entrenched over time. That content becomes no longer portable.

It is imprisoned.

Sometimes it is only effectively captured, because it cannot be moved without expending such a large effort that it isn’t worth moving it. But, often, it is actively captured by companies interested in profits, who use legal agreements, proprietary file formats, digital rights management platforms, and more to retain control over your content.

And sometimes you lose all that content entirely. I have experienced firstand what it is like for HP to buy out my online email provider and end my email address. I know the dangers of these systems firsthand. When my email address went away, so did my associated account on Facebook, because I couldn’t reset the password or even change the address because it couldn’t receive a confirmation email. And good luck trying to get any support from Facebook about that . . . because fraud.

So walled gardens are a huge problem and portability of any given solution has to take this problem into account. Besides that, what you end up paying over the years into certain platforms that are little more than repackaged open source can sting your conscience, especially when they don’t give back to the community that made them possible.

So, I generally like to avoid walled gardens. That doesn’t mean I think you should avoid them too. Nor does it mean that I always do, but it’s worth pointing out that walled gardens have a cost, in both the small and the large.

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