Blog 12-05-21

Finally I become a proud owner of Elite 2  Absinthe. 😉

However, it took me some time to run 1-7 for Orirock gathering. But we’re all doing 1-7 for eternity, lol.

Max level E1 Absinthe

Took a screenshot at E2 promotion screen:

E2 Promotion speech lines

Below is E2 and maximum trust Absinthe, no level and mastery yet.

level 1 - E2 Absinthe

Try using Absinthe’s E2 picture as home-screen background. It’s lovely, isn’t it?

I love this art, and also the drawings of other characters designed by  Azling as well.

Set her as assistant and adjusted background position

It’s time to give her skill a mastery rank and advance a few levels.

In the training room

Absinthe S1M1:


Source:  Twitter

[S4-1] (Cluster-1)  Flint standing on Active Originium Tile

Arknights Lore vs Gameplay

【明日方舟】Cover Girls2!【アークナイツMAD】

 Spine assisted in the creation of this video. It’s an intriguing piece of software, so I think about learning how to use Spine to edit in-game character animation. Maybe I’ll try to do something like  this first.

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered


I haven’t finished this game yet, and I’m nearing the end of Disc 3. Fortunately, my old saves are compatible with the remastered version:

Now I’ll eagerly wait for a price drop.

Update: Check this guide for converting PSX save to Steam compatible save.

Saiko no sutoka

I’m not a big fan of horror games, but this is something that caught my eye while browsing the web, so I figured I should bookmark it.

 Saiko no sutoka

It’s a supernatural horror game about a psychopath girl wielding a knife who tries to toy (and sometimes murder) with her “boyfriend” after trapping him in a school after evening.

Image is unrelated


 Steam Link

I recently discovered this website, which appears to be a good free alternative to Grammarly.