Blog 12-20-21

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  • My Advance Certificates: 626. Ceobe cost: 180. Remaining Advance Certificates: 446 + 1 (Ceobe) = 447.
  • Folinic’s Token: 6*5 = 30 Advance Certificates
  • Remaining Advance Certificates: 477

▣ Stage Name: Distant Outlook

This time, I try a different squad with Ifrit, Eyjafjalla,  Iris, Flint,  Kal’tsit, Suzuran, Gravel, Saga,  Eunectes and Skadi (alter), and it goes very well.

I wish Beeswax’s obelisk could be moved around by player. Despite the fact that she is my favorite unit, I am still not an expert at using her.

Link to Beeswax’s guide on Reddit:

Close examination reveals that Beeswax did not prioritize the Blood Shaman because he is so quick that he went out of her range before she could cast her skill. I’ll have to try again to confirm this.

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