The original walkthrough can be found  here.

  • Fly to the right and through the door to enter the manor.
  • Open cabinet near front door. Codex: Spirit map
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Blackwood Manor’s Map
  • Continue flying right until you worry what your father will think when he sees you.
  • Head upstairs.
  • Codex: Alice In Wonderland note.
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Alice in wonderland
  • Codex: Sigil doodles.
  • Open key collection.
  • Move Virgin Mary statue.
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  • Flip switch behind statue.
  • Codex: Death certificate.
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Death certificate
  • Father’s lab now accessible. Go there.
  • Codex: Story of Icarus.
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Story of Icarus
  • Codex: Mother, listen to reason letter
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Mother, listen to reason letter
  • Codex: Demon notes journal.
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Demon notes journal (1)
Demon notes journal (2)
Demon notes journal (3)
Demon notes journal (4)
  • Exit right and fly up to the second floor. Continue right. Meet Malphas. Steam Achievement: “First encounter, Make contact with a demon.”
  • Head down, down beneath the floor to the kitchen. Note blank(?) page. Note combination lock on left.
  • Also note torn pages(?) on the ground.
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Torn pages
  • Fly back up to dining room. Open dumbwaiter.
  • Carry box of powder (one screen to the left) into dumbwaiter.
  • Fly down to kitchen.
  • Call dumbwaiter.
  • Carry box of powder to blank(?) page and use it. Note clue.
  • Fly to dining room. Examine paintings, note ages. Do math.
  • Solution of kitchen door lock: (click to expand) Enter "1908" into kitchen door lock.

  • I’m currently at this part. Will be continue soon.

  • Fly left into new area.
  • Codex: Note to Alexander from Annie.
  • Hear a noise in the upstairs hall.
  • Note broken crockery near front door. Find hexagonal shape.
  • Open door to the right.
  • Carry hexagonal shape to the right, through the door, and out the hole in the wall immediately past the doorframe. Fly left until outside.
  • Use hexagonal shape on pedestal outside the gate.
  • Fly down into graves. Find key. Fly key up to the second floor and in through open window.
  • Fly through the hole in the floor down to the first floor, then to the right. Open doors as needed while flying. Stop at desk underneath locked cabinet.
  • Use key to unlock cabinet.
  • Codex: Malphas, opposite sigil. Steam Achievement: “Apprentice exorcist First attempt at banishing a demon.” You may now fly through walls previously blocked by blue symbols.
  • Fly right into new area. Fly up and left into billiard room.
  • Codex: My dearest son letter. Oakmarsh village now accessible.
  • Fly right into statues corridor.
  • Take screwdriver. Fly back to billiards room. Use screwdriver on panel. Find safe. (Locked for now.)
  • Fly right to end of area.
  • Codex: Forest painting. Forest now accessible.
  • Return to stairwell and fly up and to the right. Enter darkroom.
  • Codex: Eureka! Picture (in this room) now accessible. (Ignore for now.)
  • Complete the puzzle in the fireplace in the manor kitchen. Make sure that the game clearly indicates it as done. (Journal will flash). (Paper Chase Part One.)
  • Codex: Ben Hur book (Above front door). (Paper Chase Part Two.)
  • Codex: Drawing of sleeping cap. (Paper Chase Part Three.)
  • Examine painting matching that silhouette in first floor hallway. (Paper Chase Part Four.)
  • Fly down to first floor and exit right, to office with crows.
  • Note puzzle box with four words: JADE, LOVE, MOTH, SNOW.
  • Solve puzzle box.
    Solution: (click to expand) JOHN
    Sealed room is now accessible. (Paper Chase Part Five.)
  • Fly to sealed room. (A little to the left and down.)
  • Absorb powerup. Steam achievement: “Clear-sightedness Discover the power of Vision.”
  • Fly up and to the left. Pick up quill pen.
  • Fly up. Secret panel now revealed. Examine contents.
  • Return to office with puzzle box. Pick up journal. Carry journal outside, towards the forest. Secret brick now revealed.
  • Codex: I caught her going through your room.